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David – Board Member

David graduated with a degree in Architecture emphasizing on Global Management from the University of Oregon in 2005.  His education was heavily influenced by the teachings of Jim Givens and Bill Kleinsasser, Christopher Alexander, and Frank Lloyd Wright.  During his education he was fortunate to have traveled to over 30 countries across Central and South America, Europe and Asia – studying architecture, language, economics, politics and international trade.

Over the next 9 years he worked for the architectural offices of Jeff Lundahl, Collaborative Design Studios, Faulkner Architects and Cathexes.

In 2005 David co-founded and was vice-president of SoulJourns – a travel and development company based out of Eugene, Oregon and Otavalo, Ecuador.  

He then went on to found Apropos International in 2008, Cafe Perla in 2012, and The Institute of I.D.E.A.S in 2015 – the first two companies are international trade and development companies, and  The Institute of I.D.E.A.S. is a non-profit committed to international sustainable development and is a partner in the development of The Monte Cristo Ecological Center in Quillabamba, Peru.